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Bettie medallion-earrings
Bettie medallion-earrings
17,50 €
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Yukata hair stick 13,00 €

I want :

♥ "Yukata" is a SINGLE PIECE ♥

Japanese buddy, flower, heart, star, ribbon bow and beads, blue, fuchsia, white and clear.
Hair stick size approx. 10,2cm.
Charm size approx. 1,6 x 2,1cm max.

It will look like :


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2 x Bird Song Lightness*Cell phone charm
1 x Diamond in the Rough Lightness*Key ring
2 x Dare mo Inai Ryouriten lightness*bracelet
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1 x Diamond in the Rough Lightness*Bookmark
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2 x Discharge Lightness*Bag bidule
1 x Strasspillon smart-plug
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1 x Invaders Must Die Lightness*Necklace
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1 x Two-Timing Touch & Broken Bones Lightness*Bracelet
1 x Ménilmontant medallion-cluster ring
1 x The World is a Vampire Lightness*Key ring
1 x Ocarina of Time Lightness*Hair clip
1 x All Shall Fall lightness*smart-plug
2 x Teenage Zombie Sluts lightness*necklace
1 x Bird Song Lightness*cluster ring
1 x Marilyn medallion-bookmark
1572,00 €
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